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Onda pre-treatment instructions:



·       Avoid direct sun exposure to the treatment area 7 days before the treatment.

·       Given the high degree of absorption of microwaves by water, it is recommended to suspend the use of  moisturizing and softening creams in the area to be treated at 48 hours before the session with Onda. In this way it is avoided to have a greater absorption of the CoolwavesTM in the superficial layers of the skin and, at the same time, the penetration to the adipose tissue is increased.

·       You should drink 2-3 litres of water a day to facilitate the drainage of interstitial fluids. It is recommended to start this 2-3 days before the treatment and continue the following day.

·       Shower or bathe the day of treatment. Your skin must be free of all makeup, lotions, creams and body oils.

·       Remove all jewellery and piercings pertinent to the treatment area.

·       If you have very thick & dense hair in the treatment areas please trim or shave the areas at home before your appointment.

·       Be sure to discuss your medical history and medications you take with your treatment provider.

(patients who are on immunosuppressants may not be good candidates for treatment, discuss this with your treatment provider during your pre-treatment consultation)

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