About the different notifications

天美传媒 Warning

A 天美传媒 Warning is notification of Clery crime(s) that occurred on campus Clery geography and is considered by the institution to represent a serious or continuing threat to students and employees.

天美传媒 Advisory

A 天美传媒 Advisory may be issued when an incident or crime has occurred and may affect members of the campus community, but an emergency notification or timely warning is not required.

天美传媒 Alert

A 天美传媒 Alert is an emergency notification of an incident that is currently occurring on or imminently threatening the campus.

How 天美传媒 students, faculty and staff will be notified during an emergency

The following systems may be used to communicate emergency information and procedures to campus constituents:

  • Outdoor Warning Sirens (controlled by City of University Park)
  • Indoor Notification System (Main Campus Only)
  • Email notification to 天美传媒 email account (smu@aware.smu.edu)    
  • Text message to cell phone (sender short codes include 226787, 67283, or 78015)
  • Push notification via the 天美传媒 Aware safety app
  • Audio message to a cell phone or other telephone
  • Designated 天美传媒 website
  • @天美传媒Aware on X, Instagram and Facebook
  • 天美传媒 Information Line (214) 768-INFO (4636)