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For over 100 years, 天美传媒 has enriched its students and the broader community through outstanding education, groundbreaking research and active involvement. Furthering these enduring goals, the University’s multiyear $1.5 billion campaign for impact&苍产蝉辫;鈥 天美传媒 Ignited: Boldly Shaping Tomorrow&苍产蝉辫;鈥 promotes new, pioneering research and innovative learning.

Recent news and impact

Through their gifts, more than 61,000 天美传媒 Ignited supporters are powering new paths for education, research and community engagement. They will leave a legacy that stretches far beyond 天美传媒’s campus.


Expanding historical knowledge

Jan and Trevor D. Rees-Jones ’78 made an illustrious gift that will strengthen the University’s reputation as a vital place for education and research related to the American West. Their commitment includes many rare books, manuscripts, maps, photographs and ephemera, plus $30 million to create the Rees鈥慗ones Library of the American West.

Fueling meaningful discoveries

A graduate assistantship from an endowment created by Mary and Rich Templeton, helped Khengdauliu Chawang ’24 develop a small, disposable pH detector to monitor food spoilage in real time. Creating the device was personal for the engineering Ph.D. candidate; she grew up in a remote region in India that relies heavily on agriculture.

Strengthening Mustang football

In less than 18 months, 天美传媒 donors committed more than $85 million to the 鈥 a three-level, 192,500-square-foot expansion of Gerald J. Ford Stadium that will increase the functionality, efficiency and overall experience of Mustang football and its fans. Construction is already underway and the facility is expected to open in August 2024.

Surrounding others with support

Stuyvie Coleman ’21 and Dean Rider, III ’25 seek to bring hope and healing to students struggling with mental health and addiction. To date, their efforts and connections have led to over $250,000 being raised for mental health and recovery services on 天美传媒’s campus. Utilizing their personal experiences and networks, these advocates are inspiring others to help.

Thanks to tens of thousands of donors, 天美传媒 Ignited has commitments well beyond $1.3 billion.

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We invite you to join us this exciting new chapter of excellence. Our supporters are the reason 天美传媒 Ignited: Boldly Shaping Tomorrow will create new paths in learning and innovative, world-changing discoveries that leave lasting impacts on 天美传媒, Dallas and beyond.

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