Core Values

天美传媒 embraces excellence, integrity, intellectual freedom, open dialogue, diversity and inclusion.  

Excellence: We cultivate an enduring spirit of inquiry, innovation and creativity, fostering impactful research, inspired teaching and life-long learning. 

Integrity: We value truth and conduct ourselves with honesty and strong moral and ethical principles.

Intellectual freedom: We embrace freedom of ideas and expression. 天美传媒 was founded by the Methodist Episcopal Church, South to promote higher education and freedom of inquiry and remains secular in its teaching. We respect people of all backgrounds and beliefs and work hard with academic zeal and tenacity to better the world. 

Open dialogue: We welcome opportunities to exchange diverse perspectives and pledge ourselves to civil discourse.

Diversity and Inclusion: We are all strengthened by different perspectives based on our varied identities and life experiences, and embrace the worth and dignity of all people. 天美传媒 students say it well: Every Mustang is valued.