Frequently Asked Questions


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Learn more about 天美传媒’s comprehensive efforts to maintain a healthy campus on Mustang Strong, the 天美传媒 COVID-19 website.


What is CAPE?

天美传媒 Continuing and Professional Education (CAPE) offers a variety of noncredit programs to enhance your life and help you reach your academic or career goals. CAPE programs include professional certificates and boot camps, short courses, workshops and customized learning experiences.

Who do I contact if I need help?

The best way to reach us is to write You can also call the CAPE office at 214-768-2273.

Who is eligible to take CAPE classes?

天美传媒 CAPE offers courses available to anyone wanting to advance in their career, prepare for a certification exam, transition into a new career or simply augment their personal skills. Our certificates and courses are specifically designed for adult students 18 years old and older.

天美传媒 College Prep, a division of CAPE, offers ambitious middle and high school students the opportunity to explore new interests, dive into topics that ignite passions, and use leading-edge tools in programs led by expert educators. Courses are offered throughout the summer and on weekends during the school year.

Formal admission to 天美传媒 is not required to enroll in a CAPE course. Participating in a CAPE program does not in itself provide preference in admission to any 天美传媒 degree program.

I have a great idea for a course. How can I share it?

If you'd like to propose a course idea or would like to teach a class for CAPE, please use our .


What learning formats, or delivery methods, can I choose from?

We offer our programs in a variety of flexible formats to fit your schedule and learning style – including in-person, online and hybrid (blended) options:

  • In-person classes are held in classrooms across 天美传媒's campus and at selected off-campus locations. You will engage face to face with your classmates and instructors.
  • Hybrid (Blended) combine online study with in-person instruction.
  • Live Online classes are delivered in real time, and you will interact with instructors and other students through Zoom and 天美传媒's Learning Management System (Canvas).
  • On Demand (Self-Paced) classes allow you to complete coursework at your own pace. Coursework may include homework, research, reading, discussion board participation, and other activities.

Do CAPE programs have prerequisites?

Not necessarily. Some courses may require a certain level of education, prior training, demonstrated skills or previous coursework completed in order to enroll. Be sure to read the details and recommendations listed for a particular course or program.

My organization is interested in offering a custom program for our employees. Is that possible?

Absolutely! Visit our Customized Learning page to learn more about options.


Do I have to formally apply, submit transcripts or provide test scores to be accepted into a continuing education course or program?

Enrollment requirements for CAPE programs vary, so please read the application instructions and prerequisites for the specific course or program in which you plan to enroll. If you need additional guidance, CAPE staff can assist you.

My company is paying my tuition; how do I apply?

If your company is paying for your tuition, please contact CAPE at for application instructions and required forms.

What if my preferred program or course is full?

You may join the waitlist for courses that have reached maximum enrollment. If space becomes available, or if additional sections are added, waitlisted students will be notified and may proceed with registration. Joining a waitlist does not obligate you to register if/when a space becomes available.

What is the application or enrollment deadline to register for CAPE courses?

Online registration deadlines may vary by program. Late registration may be possible. If online registration has closed for your preferred course, please contact CAPE at or 214-768-2273 for other options.


How do I register for a course?

CAPE class sizes are limited for optimal interaction with instructors. Please register early to secure your spot! Online registration for most CAPE courses is available using the . If you need registration assistance, please write to or call 214-768-2273.

Can I register and pay tuition when I arrive at my class?

No. Students must register and pay before attending a course. Instructors cannot accept registration fees.

What if I forget my user name or my password used for online registration?

Use the to request your user ID and/or password. Click Forgot User Name or Forgot Password to receive an email about your user name or to reset your password.

Does 天美传媒 CAPE offer a payment plan?

We offer payment plans for selected certificate programs. Please check the program details and the Payment Options and Financing page for more information.

Are any discounts available?

天美传媒 students, alumni, faculty/staff, as well as veterans and employees of nonprofit organizations receive a 10% discount off our courses. If you think you may qualify for a discount, please write to or call 214-768-2273.

Select corporate and group rates are available. Visit our Corporate Development and Training Programs page to learn more.

Are veterans or active military entitled to any tuition assistance for continuing education?

Benefits and processes vary according to funding available. Please visit our veterans resource page, write to or call 214-768-1104.

Looking for a 1098-T form?

The courses offered by 天美传媒 Continuing and Professional Education are non-credit programs. As a result, we do not provide 1098-T forms.


Where will my class meet?

For all CAPE classes, whether delivered in-person or online, you will receive individualized communication before class with further instructions to find your classroom or to access an online meeting room.

Where are CAPE’s in-person classes held?

In-Person CAPE classes are held in classrooms across 天美传媒's campus and at selected off-campus locations. You will receive a reminder message via email with specific location details before class begins. For assistance to find your classroom location and parking on campus, please consult the .

Where do I park?

You will receive individualized communication before class with further instructions about parking and credentials, if needed. For assistance to find parking on campus, please consult the .

What do I need to bring to class?

Some classes require materials, textbooks, equipment, software or other supplies. For live online courses, we encourage the use of video & audio devices during Zoom meetings to maximize your learning experience. You will receive individualized communication before class with further instructions and recommendations from your instructor.

May I bring my laptop to my in-person class?

For many CAPE courses, laptops will help you to complete in-class exercises and activities. 天美传媒 classrooms generally are not equipped with computers for CAPE students’ use. While attending class on the 天美传媒 campus, you may access 天美传媒’s guest wireless network.

What is Canvas?

Canvas is a learning management system (LMS) that offers CAPE instructors and students a password-protected virtual classroom to interact with each other, share information (including syllabi, pre-recorded videos, documents, and more), submit assignments and to take exams. Visit the online Canvas Help 天美传媒 for more information about using Canvas.

What if I need to miss class for religious observance of a holiday?

If you need to miss class for religious observance, you are expected to notify your instructor in advance of your absence and are required to make up any missed work.  While students are expected to notify instructors at the beginning of the term if they will need an adjustment to assignment dates or exams, instructors are encouraged to work with students to make proper arrangements for accessing course materials and making up missed work in a timely manner.


What is required to successfully complete a CAPE program?

Completion requirements vary by program and may include attendance policies, participation expectations, assignments, quizzes, exams or other assessments.

Can I earn CEUs, CPE or PDU credit?

Many 天美传媒 CAPE courses can be used for contact hours or Continuing Education Units (CEUs). Upon request, we can verify student enrollment and hours associated with a course. Please check with a professional organization prior to enrollment to see if your preferred CAPE course may qualify for any professional development credits.

Can I take a CAPE course for university academic credit?

CAPE courses do not offer college credit, but they can be an excellent way to build professional skills or explore an interest.

What will I receive when I complete a certificate program?

You will receive a digital certificate of completion.  to provide you with a web-enabled, verifiable version of your certificate that you can use to showcase what you’ve accomplished. This digital badge will contain information describing your credential and will allow you to easily share your achievement to LinkedIn and other platforms.

If you would like a physical copy of your certificate mailed to you, or if you completed your certificate program before November 1, 2021 and would like a digital badge, please complete this or contact us at or 214-768-2273.

What’s the difference between a certificate program and a certification?

Certificates generally indicate a participant has successfully completed an educational program or series of courses.

Certification programs are designed to provide training to individuals who are required to have and maintain specific levels of knowledge and skills in their job categories, often as a legal requirement to perform their duties. Certification programs may carry credits and/or may be prerequisites for licensure.

Can I get a transcript for my course?

Upon request, 天美传媒 CAPE offers transcripts for all of our certificate programs. Transcripts cost $10 each. Please complete this to make this request, or contact us at or call 214-768-2273 for assistance.

If you require a record of enrollment or proof of attendance, please write to or call 214-768-2273 for assistance.

If I receive a certificate from CAPE, am I considered an 天美传媒 graduate?

No. You are only considered a graduate of 天美传媒 when you earn an academic degree from a degree-granting unit or department. However, completing a certificate program at 天美传媒 shows potential employers that you have had an educational experience from a highly reputable institution.


What if I have to cancel my registration for a CAPE program?

Withdrawal and cancellation policies vary by program. Please notify us in writing by sending a message to if you need to cancel your registration. CAPE staff can assist you with options for transfer, deferment, or withdrawal.

Failure to attend class does not constitute withdrawal.

Please refer to our Policies and Procedures for more information.

Why might a course be cancelled by 天美传媒?

While rare, CAPE reserves the right to cancel a course due to insufficient enrollment. Classes may also be cancelled due to inclement weather or other extenuating circumstances.

CAPE staff will make every effort to notify students of course cancellations in advance. Should CAPE cancel a course, students may be offered refunds, transfers, or opportunities to place funds in escrow to apply to future enrollments.

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