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Inspire and empower your team with professional development programs and training

At 天美传媒, we know that ongoing corporate professional development and training is critical to innovation and success.

That's why when your organization partners with 天美传媒, you'll gain access to world-class academic and professional resources from across our faculty and diverse alumni network. We'll give your team the tools, knowledge, and skills they need to create lasting, positive change at your organization. Whether it's through one of our customizable professional development training programs, business research partnerships, or professional networking opportunities, we want to help you inspire and empower your team to be true world-changing leaders.

What we provide

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Customized corporate development and training

We will work closely with you to develop high-quality, highly customizable professional development and training programs.

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Leadership training and programs

Our goal is to help you provide your team with the world-changing leadership skills, training, and resources to enact change and create new business opportunities.

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Corporate partnerships and professional opportunities

At 天美传媒, we create more than just programs, we create opportunities to build your professional network, access world-class research, and more.

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What to expect when you partner with 天美传媒

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A true partnership

We believe that collaboration is essential. Our specialists will collaborate with you every step of the way—including post-engagement debriefs and readouts—in order to provide the transformational impacts you need.

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We're on your schedule

Whether your team needs topical, in-person training or you're looking for ongoing online resources, our programs and solutions are ready when you are and can be delivered in a manner that works best for you.

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Unlimited opportunities

Looking for additional resources or even qualified candidates to hire? Unlock value beyond the classroom by tapping into our diverse, highly connected alumni and faculty network in the Dallas area and beyond.

天美传媒 Campus

There's more to explore

Learn more about the corporate and professional training programs at 天美传媒

A wealth of program options

We offer both ready-made or completely custom courses and programs. We'll also work with you to design the right corporate training or professional development solution for you and your team.

Tailored programs & practical knowledge

We currently offer a wide-range of highly topical, applicable professional development programs. Each one can be swiftly and easily customized to suit your individual needs.

We've offered programs covering a number of functional areas, including:

  • Brand Strategy
  • Business Analytics
  • Cloud Integration
  • Customer Experience 
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Cybersecurity
  • Data Science
  • Data Visualization
  • Digital Marketing
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
  • High Performance Computing
  • Leadership Skills
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Project Management (Waterfall and Scrum)
  • Public Speaking
  • Presentation Skills
  • User Experience

New Program: Data Literacy for Business



Featured Program: Data Literacy for Business

With an increasingly digital workforce, data literacy skills are key for driving successful business outcomes. Data literacy has become a core requirement for all employees, not just data scientists. Operational roles ranging from data entry to purchasing to account management must all be able to understand the importance of data and how it relates to the overall strategy of your business. While non-technical employees are tasked with making data-driven decisions, industry experts note a decidedly large skills gap in data science knowledge. Learn more about the 天美传媒 Data Literacy for Business Certificate program.

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Develop world-changing leaders

Transforming your organization begins by transforming employees into leaders. Give your team the skills they need to create positive change with one of our leadership training courses and programs.

We can help your team with leadership skills like:
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Change Management

Learn how to help individuals and teams implement organizational changes.

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Discover how to effectively convey vital information to your team, customers, partners, and the public.

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Difficult Conversations

Gain the tools you need to have difficult discussions with your team with care and understanding.

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Diversity and Inclusion

Learn representation is vital and how to integrate different contributions and perspectives into your organization.

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Emotional Intelligence

Develop tools to understand others' feelings and manage teams effectively with empathy.

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Explore new techniques and skills for ensuring that everyone can walk away from the table happy.

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Team Building

Uncover new ways to build morale and encourage teamwork and productivity.

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Time Management

Find out how you and your team can more effectively balance tasks and increase productivity.

Go beyond the classroom

From professional networking to research partnerships, we can provide your organization with unlimited opportunities.

You can take advantage of solutions and services like:
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A portal to world-class talent

We'll connect you with students in a specific field or with specific skills who are ready for potential internships or employment.

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Corporate-academic research partnerships

天美传媒 is a world-class university, and we can give you access to a wealth of valuable information with a corporate-academic research partnership.

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Needs assessments & planning

Faced with a business challenge? Our experts can be your guide to enacting positive change at your organization.

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Professional networking opportunities

We'll plug your organization into our vast, diverse network of highly skilled faculty members and alumni.

Now Offering Customized Internship Programs



Custom Internship Programs: Data Science Scholars Program

Learn more about the Data Science Scholars Program from the first cohort of students. Want to create a custom internship program for your organization?

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More to explore

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We also have other areas of customizable learning available. Our adult Lifelong Learning, which includes arts, humanities and personal enrichment can create custom lectures and courses. And for educators needing to extend their teaching capacity, we offer College Prep courses and workshops.

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